Hi Guys! Join our Community Referral Rewards Campaign!

We have reserved a total amount of $300,000 worth of ETH for the Sharevest Community Referral Rewards campaign.

Community Referral Bounty

Each person who joins the Sharevest Telegram and Whitelist will receive a unique Sharevest Referral Link. Participants will receive a 10% bonus of whatever their referral contributes to the Sharevest ICO.

For example:

You sign up to the mailing list and receive your unique link and proceed to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or on YouTube. Someone clicks on your link and registers for the crowdsale using your link. They will now be your Referral and you will receive a 10% SVX bonus from all of their contributions.


If you refer a friend

  • When they invest $100:
  • You will receive $10 worth of bonus ETH
  • Your Referral will also receive $10 worth of bonus SVX

If your Referral shares their referral link and someone contributes to the ICO using their own unique link you will receive a further 5% bonus.

If your friend refers someone(Contributor)

  • When the Contributor invests $200:
  • You will receive $10 worth of bonus ETH
  • Your original referral will receive $20 worth of bonus ETH
  • The Contributor will receive $20 worth of bonus SVX

The Sharevest Referral Bounty bonus is capped at $1,000,000. Bonuses will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

Registration for the Community Referral Rewards Campaign

To participate, you need to register by:

Please note if some or none of these steps are not followed - you will be disqualified from receiving rewards. You must complete all THREE STEPS.

Your Referral Link

The link you share will automatically calculate the number of people who sign up with your unique link. We will send you periodic updates regarding the amount of token rewards you are due to receive.